Flow into Alignment


Connect with the inner & outer seasons that influence your energy to cultivate self-trust to make aligned decisions with ease. Move past fear into action by better understanding yourself and your unique rhythm.

Let me know if you can resonate with any of this…

You want to feel more connected to your intuition but unsure how to begin

You frequently ask others for advice on what you should do next and outsource your decisions

You worry about the opinions of others and seek external validation 

It’s time for you to stop doubting your greatness & start trusting yourself to take the inspired action towards your dreams

Flow Into Alignment


Connect with the inner & outer seasons that influence your energy to trust yourself more easily to make aligned decisions. Move past fear into action by better understanding yourself and your unique energy.

This experience will help you…

Build trust with your intuition so that you can make decisions confidently

Cultivate self-awareness of your own needs so that you are able to best care for yourself in any energy

Strengthen your personal power and manage your energy in the way that is most beneficial for you

Make aligned decisions with ease from a grounded and regulated state

Start taking inspired action and see yourself moving closer to your desires

Understand your own unique energy and how you can create a schedule that honors your ebbs and flows

Modules Covered

Module 1: Cultivate a Spiritual Connection

Learn how to create your own toolbox of self-care and spiritual tools that you can use to support your connecting to your intuition.

Module 3: Embrace Your Wholeness

Allow yourself to receive the abundance that is available to you by leaning into your fullest expression. 

Module 2: Follow Your Bliss

Discover how to infuse your life with joy and play and see the impact it has on your self-confidence.

Module 4: Ignite Your Personal Power

Set unapologetic boundaries with others and treat your energy as the sacred resource it is. 

So what exactly is included in Flow into Alignment?

2 Moon Ceremonies to open the and close the sacred group container

4 Training Modules that are inspired by the four phases of the cycle to strengthen your personal power

Weekly share circles to receive support, feedback, and guidance as you integrate the information

Lifetime access to the Flow into Alignment curriculum plus receive future updates that are done to the program

Private Facebook Community for members of the program to share their wins, celebrations, and support one another


Regular $555 Paid in Full or 5 Monthly Payments of $111


VIP Option

Includes private messaging support + two 1:1 sessions

Save $222 with early bird pricing until 8/10

Who is Shelbey Moon?


Shelbey helps ambitious women take inspired action in a way that feels easy. She holds space for the human experience to be felt and witnessed with compassion and grace.

Through the lens of cycle awareness, she guides her clients to deepen their self-awareness and cultivate more self-trust.

Praise for Shelbey Moon

You have taught me so much about how to work with my cycle. It helps me to be better prepared, to know what to expect. I also notice the different phases more often and how they actually affect me. It empowers me to live my life differently and to be more productive and prepared. As opposed to how I lived for so many years, I didn’t understand the depth of my moon cycle as I do now. For so many years I just went with the ebbs and flows blindly. 

Charelle T.

Working with Shelbey is so educational and inspiring. She shares the information in a compassionate way, always reminding you of your worth and focusing on loving and accepting all aspects of your being. I love that Shelbey encourages engagement and communication among participants. I feel a part of a growing and supportive community. 

Jaycee C.

Shelbey puts her all into her trainings and it’s very clear that she is both extremely knowledgeable and that she truly gives her all. She went above and beyond on all aspects. This includes her information, how she presents the material, and willingness to answer questions for us. Loved learning by from her.

Karla M.