Come home to yourself

Returning back to the ancient wisdom of cyclical living is an act of empowerment. Embracing the ways you are connected to nature allows you to hold space for all parts of you and deeepen into radical self-love. Cyclical living illuminates the pathway to embodying your true essence.

Let your cycle be your guide

Uncover your unique roadmap to living life in alignment with your energy. Discover the optimal times to take action and to lean back and trust. Get more done with less effort by utilizing the cycles that are influencing your energy. 


Living in harmony with your natural cycles

A Cyclical Living Mentorship to help ambitious women take inspired action in a way that honours their natural rhythms.

Landing Hero

Embrace your cycles to build deeper self-trust within yourself

What’s included?

Follow the Guidance of Your Inner Seasons Masterclass. Uncover the energetics of your inner seasons and how to start embracing your cyclical nature.

7 Days of Messaging Support Receive personalized one-on-one support and guidance as you integrate this wisdom.

Seasonal Planning WorkbookPlan out your next 3-months by tuning into the cycles that influence your energy so that you can achieve more with less effort.

Take wildly transformative steps towards your dreams by awakening your feminine power

Meet Your Guide

Shelbey Moon


I am a Cyclical Living Guide, who helps women to transform the relationship they have with their to-do list by tapping into the wisdom of their menstrual cycle and the guidance of the Moon.

I offer services and containers that help you to embody the ancient wisdom of cyclical living, both your inner cycles and the cycles in nature. We work to integrate this cyclical knowing into your day-to-day life to unleash all the power and magic that you have available at your fingertips. 

My passion is helping you to know how capable and worthy you are of making your desires a reality right now. I am here to show you that your life gets to feel easy, fun, and delicious and your cycle is the blueprint to creating that life!


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Testimonials From Past Clients

I love dropping into this space as a full moon ritual. I love learning about the themes of the moons and getting the opportunity to reflect on what that means for me while feeling supported and learning from the other participants. I always leave feeling inspired and connected.

Karmen G.

Working with Shelbey is so educational and inspiring. She shares the information in a compassionate way, always reminding you of your worth and focusing on loving and accepting all aspects of your being. I love that Shelbey encourages engagement and communication among participants. I feel a part of a growing and supportive community. 

Jaycee C.

Shelbey puts her all into her trainings and it’s very clear that she is both extremely knowledgeable and that she truly gives her all. She went above and beyond on all aspects. This includes her information, how she presents the material, and willingness to answer questions for us. Loved learning by from her.

Karla M.

Shelbey Moon. Cyclical Living Guide.