Stop Procrastinating On Your Dreams and Creating More Work For Yourself.

 The key to unlocking your creativity source to achieve more with less effort.

Let me ask you…

Do you have big visions but are unsure of how you will ever achieve what you want when you are struggling to move forward?

Are you full of new ideas and have big dreams you want to make true but you are struggling to figure out where to start?

Are you craving more balance between your feminine and masculine energies to be in your flow while still getting shit done? 

Imagine this…

Call In More Abundance

What if you saw more abundance in your life as a direct result of leaning into the things that feel pleasurable and easy?

More Strategic Use of Time

What if you knew the best time for focused work, creative projects, and when to unplug and disconnect from the world.

Understand Your Energetic Cycle

What if you were more energized because you are more aware of your energetic cycle and how to use it to your advantage?

Let me share my story with you..

 Not so long ago I remember feeling like no matter how hard I worked it was never enough. I was exhausted from the pressure I put on myself to achieve my goals but always falling short.

A mentor of mine shared how she was using her menstruation cycle as a way to organize her schedule and plan out her life and business. She proclaimed how leaning into her feminine flow had reduced so much of the pressure she was putting on herself previously.

I was so drawn to this idea of being able to utilize my cycle in order to be more productive.  I struggled with connecting to this information though because I did not have a regular cycle. I let this stop me from getting started for years as I sat with this knowledge in the back of my mind.

When I became pregnant during the pandemic I had a deep desire to start better managing my time since I was spending so much of it at home. Since I was not bleeding I used the guidance of the Moon to get started.

The Moon is a guiding force for all of us and helps us each understand our own cycles better while understanding the cycle of others.

Now, I am celebrating that leaning into the power of my cycle has absolutely transformed the way I live my life and I am bursting at the seams to share it with every woman I know!

Hi, I’m Shelbey Moon!

I am a Moon Cycle Guide, who helps women to transform the relationship they have with their to-do list by tapping into the wisdom of their menstrual cycle and the guidance of the Moon.

I offer services and containers that help you to embody the ancient wisdom of cyclical living, both your inner cycles and the cycles in nature. We work to integrate this cyclical knowing into your day-to-day life to unleash all the power and magic that you have available at your fingertips. 

My passion is helping you to know how capable and worthy you are of making your desires a reality right now. I am here to show you that your life gets to feel easy, fun, and delicious and your cycle is the blueprint to creating that life!




Your Moon Cycle Membership

An online membership that harnesses the power of the moon and your menstrual cycle to help you live your most juicy, flowy, and aligned life.

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What Others Said About Working with Shelbey…

I love dropping into this space as a full moon ritual. I love learning about the themes of the moons and getting the opportunity to reflect on what that means for me while feeling supported and learning from the other participants. I always leave feeling inspired and connected.

Karmen G.

Working with Shelbey is so educational and inspiring. She shares the information in a compassionate way, always reminding you of your worth and focusing on loving and accepting all aspects of your being. I love that Shelbey encourages engagement and communication among participants. I feel a part of a growing and supportive community. 

Jaycee C.

Shelbey puts her all into her trainings and it’s very clear that she is both extremely knowledgeable and that she truly gives her all. She went above and beyond on all aspects. This includes her information, how she presents the material, and willingness to answer questions for us. Loved learning by from her.

Karla M.

What is included?

New Moon & Full Moon Ceremonies

Virtual ceremonies are run every New Moon & Full Moon to help harness the power of the moon and manifest our deepest desires iwth her help.

Monthly Cyclical Living Classes

Each month I will be coming to you live with a lesson about how you can start integrating and applying cyclical living to your life!

Spiritual Activation Tools

Each month you will receive one embodiment practice to help integrate the work you are doing, this could be yoga, meditation, breathwork or another practice.

Worksheets & Workbooks

There are a variety of documents to help you dive deeper into understanding your cycle. Supplemental materials are added frequently to support your integration.

Referral Program

Once you sign up you have the option to join our Referral Program. This allows you to invite someone to join the membership at $1 and you in return receive your next month at $1. Let’s spread the word there is a better way to be doing things!

Community of Sisters

Join a group of women who are doing this work along side you to connect deeper with their selves and live in more alignment using the power of their cycles.

PLUS, when you enroll today… you’ll also get:

Moon Cycle Exploration 45-Minute Session (value $111)

A 45-minute Moon Cycle Exploration Call to help you get started on your moon cycle tracking journey. We will discuss your current relationship with your cycle and how you can start using the wisdom of your cycle in your day-to-day life. We will discuss the cycle archetypes and examine which ones you are needing to heal or lean more into at this time and ways you can start creating the space to do that.

PLUS, you’ll also get…

Lunar Cycle Yoga 4-Video Series (value $44)

4-Week Video Series taking you through a yogic journey of the four phases of the Moon. Each class includes information on how the moon phase connects with the menstrual cycle and the seasons. You will be led through a yoga sequence to embody the different archetypes and energy of the Moon phase. The series can be started in any part of the cycle – simply choosing the video that aligns with the current moon phase you are in!

The Energetic Exchange

pricing in USD



Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Your Moon Cycle Membership hosted?

The membership is hosted in a private Facebook Community.

Can I still join if I am not on Facebook?

Yes! If you are not on Facebook you can join the Ceremonies via Zoom and receive the other materials via email.

Where can I join the Facebook group?

The link to join YOUR MOON CYCLE MEMBERSHIP is located in the welcome email. Please allow up to 48 hours for your order to be processed. 

How do I cancel my membership?

Email at any time to have your membership cancelled or cancel it directly from your PayPal account.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are not available for the Your Moon Cycle Membership. Cancellations can be done anytime before the next billing cycle.